About Datiphy

Founded in 2015 in San Jose, CA, the Datiphy solution assigns a risk score to every piece of sensitive data within an organization. The key technology is its Adaptive Data Behavioral Model™ (also called DatiDNA™) which provides risk assessments by analyzing database transactions in real-time. Our highly scalable solution consists of Host and Network Agents that deliver in-depth activity monitoring of databases. The enterprise level platform uses behavioral analytics, and data-centric auditing and protection capabilities to mitigate risk.

Information Technology is made up of systems, networks, and databases. Although many security solutions exist for the first two, the same cannot be said about the latter as a unified risk compliance and corporate governance platform. The Datiphy methodology provides leading solutions in database auditing to safeguard business data assets and improve business operations. Our product is a next-generation Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) that is a hybrid of User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and Data-centric Audit & Protection (DCAP) for dynamic database security and risk assessment. This innovative approach automatically organizes data and data transactions into assets for easy control and management.

Datiphy delivers products and solutions for database auditing, compliance, forensics, and behavior analytics for mid-sized and enterprise customers to bring them visibility into managing all database transactions. 

Our mission is dedicated to the continued innovation of security technologies that provide comprehensive scalable database security and management solutions. Our unique approach protects databases and provides customers with risk mitigation and contingency methods in the event of a data breach. The solution performs continuous data auditing and protection giving customers control over database activity monitoring, breach detection, threat prevention, and asset auditing.