What is DatiDNA?

August 15, 2016

DatiDNA is essentially the “genetic makeup” of a data transaction or set of transactions and serves as contextual assets derived from the interactions among users, applications and databases. It offers tangible evidence of data events that are occurring or have occurred and provides all the essential information needed to detect when a breach occurs and triage the attack faster than ever before to stop it before significant damage is done.

DatiDNA provides the context that is lacking in traditional security approaches. This context offers security professionals a real-time end-to-end data transaction audit of the “who, what, where, how, and when” of each interaction with an enterprise’s valuable data. Without this context, your security posture is compromised in that the risk of a compliance misstep or a prolonged breach with slow, undetected data exfiltration is much greater. As enterprises continue to adopt cloud technologies and enable user and device mobility, there’s a significant increase in the dynamic nature of where data and applications, as well as users and devices, are physically located. This creates a problem for network-centric security solutions that rely on the model of a network perimeter. By taking a data-centric approach and looking at the DatiDNA, it’s possible to visualize and protect valuable data assets no matter where they live or how they have been accessed.

Given the nature of advanced persistent threats and the dynamic nature of businesses and their networks, hackers will continue to infiltrate enterprises looking to steal valuable data. While we’re not at “Minority Report” levels of sophistication yet, with DatiDNA we can accelerate the time to identify anomalous behaviors and speed up the process of detecting and mitigating breaches. DatiDNA and Datiphy provide the required context through which data behavior can be analyzed no matter where that data is located for proactive action, forensics analysis and an overall stronger security posture.