Datiphy Enterprise Solutions

Discover breaches as they unfold, not months later. Current breach discovery gap = 120 days.

Small or global deployment. All Covered.

Datiphy Enterprise

The Brains. Datiphy Enterprise is deployed on an industry server or VM. It is capable of being a standalone device for a simple deployment or the aggregator for a workforce of Network and Host Agents in a complex enterprise.

Network Agent

The Brawn. Network Agent is deployed on an industry server or VM. We’ve offloaded the heavy lifting to our Network Agent for high performance and maximum scalability. Each Network Agent provides visibility to billions of data transactions per day.

Host Agent

The Small but Mighty. Host Agent is deployed directly on the database server. Host Agent functions similarly as Network Agent, but its focus is unique to each database server for an up close and personal look into data transactions.

DMC (Datiphy Management Center)

The Central Command. DMC (Datiphy Management Center) is deployed on an industry server or VM and is required in multi-domain deployments. DMC is also used to aggregate many Datiphy Enterprise Engines in a complex or high volume environment for a single point of management.

Security. Posture. Strengthened.

Policy and behavior tools are usually configured by gut feel, educated guess and rule of thumb methods which lead to a noisy solution riddled with false alarms. Because Datiphy is auditing every data transaction, accuracy is provided by the scientific certainty of analyzing the entire pool. Analytics can be exported as feeds to other security tools; ensuring their policies are based upon facts and not methods that produce false alarms. Relationships & behaviors among assets are visualized with the same level of accuracy.