Data-centric Security Startup Datiphy Appoints Ted Ho as CEO

San Jose, CA – September 15, 2015 – Datiphy™ Inc., a pioneering startup in data behavior analysis and security, today announced that Ted Ho, founding investor and board director, has been appointed to lead the company as its chief executive officer. James Lin, Datiphy’s founder and former CEO, will remain on the board of the company and continue to drive core technology innovation as the chief technology officer.

Datiphy is bringing to market an innovative data-centric security technology developed to visualize data asset activities and record the context in which they interact. Datiphy provides continuous database security and activity monitoring of billions of transactions per day with powerful engines that extract and index the critical contextual assets of each transaction. Security teams manage the Datiphy platform through an advanced command portal providing centralized management and natural language querying to quickly verify threats and discover the extent of a breach for greatly accelerated resolution. The company holds six U.S. issued patents.

“Our mission is to provide maximum visibility to what attackers want most – your data. The security focus has traditionally been on perimeters and policies, but existing technologies can’t keep pace with the variety of ways data is being accessed in the enterprise because of trends like mobility and private, public and hybrid cloud adoption. The end result is that the business’s most important assets are exposed,” said Ho. “As CEO, I’m dedicated to showing our clients how the Datiphy platform can audit and protect their critical data resources and eager to lead this company as it embarks on the next phase of growth.”

As the former co-founder and accomplished CEO of Gigamon, Ted brings a wealth of successful startup experience to Datiphy. He has a strong reputation as a technology executive with the ability to drive innovation and deliver results in a high growth, venture-backed organization. In his role as Datiphy’s Founder & CTO, Mr. Lin will continue to innovate and create new ways to visualize how data lives, moves and interacts within the enterprise. Lin will also act as an evangelist, educating the industry on the need for data-centric security methodologies.

“I am pleased and excited to announce Ted as CEO. His leadership will allow us to continue to innovate and eliminate the breach-to-discovery gap that is causing massive damage to organizations and their brand reputation,” said Lin. “Organizations will continue to be attacked by all kinds of nefarious actors. Our goal is to pinpoint when the breach begins and to provide intuitive context around the attack to stop it before significant damage is done.”

Datiphy audits every data transaction rather than a sample of transactions thereby dramatically improving the accuracy of data analysis and visualization of asset relationships and behaviors. Analytics can also be exported as feeds to other security tools like governance and compliance tools, fraud detection or SIEM, ensuring their policies are based upon highly reliable data sets and not methods that produce false alarms.

About Ted Ho
Ted Ho provided a founding investment for the formation of Datiphy. Previously Ted co-founded Gigamon in 2004 (IPO 2013), served as the CEO from February 2008 until December 2012 and is currently serving on their board of directors. Prior to Gigamon, Ted served as vice president of engineering at Network Associates, Inc. (acquired by McAfee, Inc.), from 2001 to 2003 and as a director of engineering at McAfee from 1998 to 2001.

About James Lin
Prior to founding Datiphy, James served as the CTO of Reti Corporation from 2005- 2007. From 2002-2004, James served as the VP Systems Engineering at WatchGuard. In 1998, James co-founded RapidStream, which was acquired by WatchGuard in 2002. From 1996-1998 James served as the Engineering Manager at 3-Com and previously held engineering and architect roles at Hewlett Packard. James holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University and a Master’s Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from UC Santa Barbara. He has been granted 12 U.S. patents.

About Datiphy
Founded in 2015 in San Jose, CA, the Datiphy platform fills the gaps that exist between point solution tools and glues various capabilities together to visualize your entire enterprise data lifecycle. The key technology is its Adaptive Data Behavioral Model™ (also called DatiDNA™) providing the scientific certainty of analyzing the entire data pool as events occur in real-time. A command portal enables centralized management and natural language queries empowering users to find any data asset within seconds and see the context of every interaction that has occurred among all other assets. For more information, please visit

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