Datiphy Executive Brief


Datiphy is the next-generation database activity monitoring tool that incorporates user behavior analytics and data-centricExec_Brief_Infographic auditing and protection. 

The Datiphy solution applies a risk score to every piece of sensitive data within an organization. The key technology is its User & Data Behavior Analytics Platform (also called DatiDNA™) which provides risk assessments by analyzing database transactions in real-time. Our highly scalable solution consists of host and network agents that deliver in-depth activity monitoring of databases.

Datiphy delivers products and solutions for database auditing, compliance, forensics, and behavior analytics for mid-sized and enterprise customers to bring them visibility into managing all database transactions. 

Datiphy indexing engine sends relevant real-time alerts to enable teams to validate threats rapidly.

Detailed forensics, indexed in real-time, allow you to see your sensitive data in action as it flows in and out of the enterprise. Datiphy has the details and has taken the policy to action regardless of data silos.

Data transactions processed by the asset extraction and the indexing engines, search and report the who, what, when, where, and how of any event or data asset.

The patented user mapping technology identifies real application users and maps their actions from the initial HTTP request through the backend database response. The behavioral engine will track every user activity to build an access profile. Even when stolen credentials are used and everything appears normal, Datiphy will detect the differences in method and behavior.


The solution performs continuous data auditing and protection giving customers control over database activity monitoring, breach detection, threat prevention, and asset auditing.

Learn the behaviors of your environment by assessing the highest areas of risk. Determine the areas of importance that affect regulatory compliance.DeviationDetection


  • Datiphy baselines methods, policies, and events through correlating asset and data behavior.
  • Billions of transactions per day are sequenced with great detail, thus providing the who, what, when, where and how for every data activity.
  • Datiphy complements existing end-point solutions to provide protection against data exfiltration.
  • Risk assessment identifies insight into areas of potential data leakages and access control issues.
  • Prevention is necessary but detection is critical in thwarting on-going advanced persistent threats.